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Composing and Formatting an Insight
Composing and Formatting an Insight

How to write an Insight on Smartkarma

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To start writing an Insight on Smartkarma, click on the “Compose an Insight” button at the top of your screen.

Composing Your Insight

After clicking on the "Compose an Insight" button, an Insight composition page will appear. Here, you will see the Insight split into three sections: an Insight Title, an Executive Summary, and Detail.

Insight Titles are extremely important, as they make it easier for users to discovery and read your work. 

Formatting Your Writing

Once you start writing in the Executive Summary or the Detail section, you will see a toolbar appear at the bottom of your screen.

The Toolbar will allow you to: 

  • Hyperlink to other pages

  • Insert images from your computer

  • Embed content (e.g. Smartkarma Tools, Smartkarma Analytics, Youtube videos, Google data etc)

  • Insert Tables

  • Horizontal Separators

  • Bold / Indent / Strike Through

  • Left and Center Align

  • Text Format (Paragraph / heading / Highlighted / Quote / Remark / Caption)

  • Bulleted / Numbered Lists

  • Indent

Copy-Pasting from Microsoft Word, Websites and Other Sources

Smartkarma makes it easy for you to copy-paste your work from Microsoft documents and other websites. When you copy content over, text is auto-formatted, tables are created (when copying from Excel), and images are imported. 

Inserting Screenshots

You can take screenshots using the Snipping Tool (on a PC), or CMD-SHIFT-F4 on a MAC. This will help you save a screenshot as an image file which can then be inserted into your image. 

Inserting Financial & Price Data

Smartkarma clients have provided positive feedback on Insights which present financial and price data through interesting charts, infographics and other media. 

1. Embedding HTML Code 

HTML code can be inserted into your Insight using the Embed Button (< >) found on the formatting toolbar at the bottom of the compose screen. You can use this to insert: 

2. Inserting Financial Data

To further aid including price and financial data in your Insights, our Tech team has recently enhanced the Analytics tab on the entity pages to include financial data from Factset. You can embed the entire analytics card, or selectively export specific charts / tables. 

This data set includes: 

  • Historical annual and quarterly financials

  • Business and Geographic segments

  • Income, Cashflow growth

  • Profitability ratios

  • Liquidity ratios

  • Working capital

  • Valuation metrics

  • Sentiment

  • ESG Data

If you have suggestions for improvement or find that the data looks incorrect, please send through feedback by clicking the tiny question mark button at the bottom of the analytics card. 

Creating Beautiful Charts

There are two ways for you to make beautiful, and on-brand charts: 

  1. Smartkarma Chartbuilder: this tool has been designed to help you build simple charts that are on brand. Create an image of the chart and insert it into your Insight. 

  2. Smartkarma theme on Microsoft Excel: you can download the Smartkarma Microsoft theme to ensure all your Microsoft Office applications incorporate the correct colours and typefaces. 

Please visit the Smartkarma Brand Design website for more information.

Tagging Entities, Insights and Other Insight Providers

You can tag companies, Insights, and other Insight Providers in your Insight. The purpose of Tagging is to make reading an Insight more convenient and promote collaboration between Insight Providers. 

The three symbols used for tagging are: 

  1. @ for Insight Providers, 

  2. # for Insights, and 

  3. $ for Entities.

Adding Attachments

You can use the attachments section at the bottom to add pdf documents or Excel files. You can either drag and drop the files into this part of the screen or you can manually click on thegray box to select files to upload.

Once you have selected files to upload, you can choose to display the first few pages of your attached documents by selecting the flag icon. This will provide the readers with a preview of the first few pages of your pdf documents at the end of your Insight.

Using Smartkarma In-house Tools

We have also developed our own in-house tools to aid our Insight Providers with idea generation, by providing objective data-driven views on M&A transactions, IPOs and placements. These tools are accessible from the menu bar on the right.

Saving Your Insights

You can come back at a later time and continue to write from where you left off, as we automatically save each Insight frequently. However, it’s always a good idea to save your Insight using the save button in the top right-hand side corner.

You should see a green tick once your Insight has been saved.

Tracking Your Progress

A progress bar on the right will indicate your progress through the writing and publishing process, and provide you with an idea of how far you still have to go.

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