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Why are Insight Titles so Important?
Why are Insight Titles so Important?

Craft your title with the following points in mind

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Include the entity or subject matter at the start of your title

Picking an Insight title that directly references your research topic makes it easier for readers to discover your work on Smartkarma. Using the name and ticker of a company that is the focus of your Insight, in the title, allow search algorithms to display your work when there is an appropriate search query. This applies to sector, thematic, macro and strategy-focused Insights as well. Below are a couple of examples:

Improve your search results

An Insight that is difficult to find through search may result in an Insight Provider missing out on available QVA.

Avoid clickbait

We encourage our IPs to be creative with their writing and a good title can help with generating a suitable brand. Clickbait titles that fail to deliver on their promise are likely to lead to client frustration and a reduction in your ability to generate future QVA.

Positive external impact

A carefully crafted title helps us to foster your reputation more widely in the investor community beyond our existing client base.

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