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Compliance Officer for Insight Providers
Compliance Officer for Insight Providers

What a designated Compliance Officer can do

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Smartkarma has developed a proprietary compliance interface to allow Clients and Insight Providers to appoint their own internal compliance officer. 

This interface allows compliance officers to audit the activities of their team members on the platform, resulting in a streamlined integration of Smartkarma into existing policies and procedures.

I. Compliance Dashboard

The Compliance Dashboard is equipped with a powerful set of features in an easy-to-use interface and available on any device. 

  • At a glance, view Total Activities by your Team over any time period,

  • Real time Activity Log of your Team’s Activities,

  • View Trending / Latest Insights across the Platform,

  • View New Insight Providers, and

  • Key Shortcuts and Links to Compliance Documents.

II. Real-time Activity Logs & Export Capability

Insight Provider Compliance Officers can monitor team activity and manage settings of all Insight Provider accounts under the Company.

To monitor team Activity, access the Activities Log on the right side of the Compliance Dashboard or by clicking the inverted-arrows icon on the left sidebar.

You can: 

  • Drill-down into Activities,

  • Filter by Activity Type, Time Period as well as Team member, and

  • Download into a CSV file, for further analysis at your end.

The Activities Log allows you to refine activities by date and user, as well as to download this activity in a CSV file.

III. Manage Team Settings

The Compliance Officer can also manage the Insight Provider Company and Team account settings. 

This can be done by selecting the Settings tab under the Key Shortcuts section on the Compliance Dashboard or by clicking on the cog icon on the left sidebar, and subsequently picking the relevant options.

The Settings Page has different tabs giving the Compliance Officer the ability to:

  • Personalise your Personal Profile page (under the Profile tab),

  • Control  Distribution and Media Syndication settings for your Insights (under the Communications tab),

  • Be alerted real-time on specific team activities (under the Alerts tab),

  • Customise the display of your Insight Provider Company Page (under the Company tab), and

  • Add additional team members to Smartkarma (under the Team tab).

Delivering a compliant solution that meets our users’ needs is key to everything we do. We continue to achieve this through implementing comprehensive policies and processes and employing innovative proprietary tools.

For more information or feedback, please visit the Smartkarma Compliance Site

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