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Smartkarma Referral Program

Benefits of the Smartkarma Referral Program and how to get started

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Smartkarma has a Referral Program to help broaden our network. Here's how you can be a part of the program.

It takes two steps to become a referrer.

First step, sign up for the appropriate Smartkarma FirstPromoter account depending on the type of client you would like to refer:


Smartkarma Pro Referral Program

Smartkarma Plus Referral Program


Professional investors

Private accredited investors

Referral receives

10% off

40% off

You receive, in Year 1

10% of revenue

15% of revenue

You receive, Year 2 and onwards

5% of revenue

15% of revenue

Sign up link

Once you sign up, you will be in your personal FirstPromoter dashboard where you can see more details and benefits of the Referral Program.

Second step: you need to share your unique referral link and promo code with your referral.

Once your referral signs up to Smartkarma with your referral link and promo code, you will be credited with the referral.

Your unique referral link and promo code can be found at the bottom of the FirstPromoter dashboard.

One final point to note: we will be paying out the referral benefits together with your monthly Insight Provider payments, so you do not need to input your bank account and payment details into FirstPromoter.

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