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Host your events using Smartkarma's IR Conferencing tool

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Smartkarma allows you to host your company’s virtual IR events (earnings briefings, analyst days, investor interactions etc.) using Smartkarma’s IR conferencing tool.

It generates a unique virtual hosting link for you. It allows panelist and attendee management, easy sharing to gain more participation, and also a way for you to view analytics from your virtual event very seamlessly on Smartkarma.

If your company has multiple users on Smartkarma, the user who creates the virtual event becomes the Host and will be the only one who can start the virtual event. This cannot be changed or transferred to another team member for this specific event later. However, all other users will be able to help manage the event by adding panelists, monitor registrants, and view analytics.

This article shares details on how to use the Smartkarma IR Conferencing tool:

Creating a Virtual Event with IR Conferencing

To start, click on the Events tab on your home screen.

Then click on the +Post a New Event button on the left side of the screen.

Fill in the following information about your virtual event including Title, Date & Time, and Details. Under “Location” you can add “Virtual Event” or “Virtual Event on Smartkarma”.

Select the check box “Use Smartkarma IR Conferencing Solution”. This is crucial for you to be able to add panelists, monitor attendees, and view data and analytics about your event.

You can also attach a relevant PDF or PPT if you like. Then click on Save.

Adding Panelists to your Event

Once you save, you will get a confirmation that your event has been successfully created. You can now invite panelists to this event.

To invite panelists, all you need to do is add the First Name, Last Name and Email of the panelists. The panelists could be your CEO, CFO, BoD etc. You can also add or delete panelists later on. Once done, “Save”.

On Saving, the panelists will receive an Confirmation email with their unique joining links (sample email image below)

You can also add and delete more panelists later by clicking on the edit icon on the right side of your event. Deleted panelists will receive an email telling them they are removed and newly added panelists will receive a similar confirmation email as displayed above.

Sharing Registration Links with Attendees

Once the event is created, you can share the registration link with your network.

Just click on the Registrations tab and then on the share icon on the right side.

Anyone, whether they are subscribed to Smartkarma or not, can easily register for your event.

All they need to do is add their first name, last name and email address.

Once they register, they will also receive a confirmation email (sample image below)

Starting Your Virtual Event

At the time of your event just click on “Start Webinar” on the event on your company page.

Allow Smartkarma to use your computer microphone and camera. Then click on Join.

Ending the Event

To end your virtual event, just click on End Webinar.

Analytics, Recording & Transcript

Soon after the Event ends, you and the team will be able to access the analytics for your event and also access the recordings and transcript.

Functions Available to the Host During the Virtual Event

Besides the above mentioned functions, Smartkarma IR Conferencing tool also allows you to do the following:

Record Your Event

You can decide to start, stop or pause the event recording.

View Panelists and Attendees

As the host and panelist of the event, you will be able to view all the other panelists and attendees who have joined the event live.

You can also mute their audio, stop their video, send a request to turn audio/video on and you will also be able to promote/demote attendees to/from panelists.

Share Screen

You can also share your screen to show presentations/videos/images etc to the participants.

The screen being shared will thumbnail on the top for your convenience.

Chat, Q&A and Hand Raise

As the host you can chat with any of the participants directly or with all the panelists together.

You will see all the questions coming in from the attendees on a pop-up window and you can decide whether to answer them live or dismiss them.

You can also see the attendees who have raised their hands (virtually) and chat with them separately and then lower hand.

Side Note: Here’s how the attendees screen looks when they send you a question.

Attendees also have the option to ask questions anonymously.

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