Share Registry Data

View Share Registry data for your company and peers

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View your company’s Share Registry data

Share registry data for your company can be viewed under the Analytics tab.

On your home page, click on Analytics as shown in image below.

Under the Analytics section, go to Share Registry.

You can also sort this data by clicking on the small white arrows next to each column header.

View and Analyse your peer’s Share Registry data

To view your peer companies’ share registry data, go to the Analytics tabs (follow the steps mentioned above). Then click on the “Your Peers” section on the top left and select Share Registry tab.

Select the peer companies for which you’d like to view and analyse, and the tables will show up. You can also sort the data in these tables using the small white arrows (highlighted in the image below).

Should you like, you can also update your peer list to include more peer companies.

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