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Update Your Profile
Update Your Profile

Upload your latest profile picture and add your job title

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To increase your Company’s visibility on Smartkarma, it is imperative that you keep your profile updated with your latest profile picture and your job title. Your profile shows up on your Company’s Overview page on Smartkarma, which is the primary avenue for Investors and Analysts to connect with you seamlessly.

Here are 4 simple steps on how to update your profile:

1. Log in & Go to Settings

Log in to your Smartkarma account. Find "Settings" on the top-right corner under the profile icon.

2. Under Settings, Click on My Profile

"My Profile" is the fourth tab on the top grey bar under "Settings". Click on "Edit" to update your details.

3. Upload Profile Image and Add Job Title

Besides your Profile Image and Professional Headline, you can add your Profile Details and Social Links.

4. Save, and It’s Done!

That’s all it takes to update your profile on Smartkarma in less than 5 minutes. Your updated profile will now be visible on your Company Overview page on Smartkarma, allowing the network to find and connect with you seamlessly.

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