Viewing All/Other Insights

You can see other Insights which have been published but haven’t made it to your Reading List by clicking on the All Insights tab under Insights in the left sidebar. This will provide you with a complete list of Insights that have been published on Smartkarma.

If you find an Insight or Insight Provider that has not made it to your Reading List, you can always choose to Follow it/them (more on this below). Likewise, you can add an Entity to your Watchlist if an Insight about it was not on your Reading List. You can read more about Watchlists here.

Viewing an Entity Page

By clicking on the name of an Entity, either in your Reading List or reading pane, you can visit the Entity page which provides with you with a list of Insights published on that Entity, along with News, Discussions, Attachments and Statistics (under the About tab) for that Entity.

Viewing an Insight Provider’s Profile

By clicking on an Insight Provider's name, either in your Reading List or reading pane, you can find out more about the Insight Provider on their profile page. Apart from reading about their background, you can also view other Insights that they have published, Follow the Insight Provider or send a private message to the Insight Provider.

Following Work on Smartkarma

If you want to keep track of work done by an Insight Provider, you can choose to Follow them on their profile page. This will make sure that any Insights published by the Insight Provider are a part of your Reading List.

You can also follow an Insight Stream, which means you will get a notification the next time an Insight in that Insight Stream is Forked.

Mute an Insight Provider

If you would not like to see any of the Insights published by an Insight Provider, you can select the Mute option on their profile. Selecting this option means the muted Insight Provider’s Insights will be hidden from your Reading List and Alerts will be disabled for a time period selected by you.

For more tools and features you may find interesting, check out the Features section.

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