How to keep track of all relevant Entities on Smartkarma

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The Watchlist feature ensures that you do not miss out on any updates on an Entity. When you add an entity to your Watchlist, all related Insights pertaining to that entity will appear in your Reading List, ensuring that you see all the content pertaining to that topic.

Adding to Watchlist

Clicking on the Watchlist icon will open a pop-up window which lets you choose which Watchlist to add the entity to.

Accessing/Editing your Watchlist

You can access your Watchlist settings by clicking on the Watchlist option in the left-hand side navigation bar. 

All your Watchlists are displayed in different, individual tabs.

The Watchlist menu provides a fast way to access entities across your various watchlists.

You can also choose to delete any Entity that you no longer wish to track by clicking on the delete icon against its name.

You can also bulk import Entities to your Watchlist by copying and pasting Bloomberg tickers.

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