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How you can follow up on earlier Insights put on Smartkarma

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The best way to follow up on an earlier research piece is to Fork an earlier Insight. You can do so by clicking the Fork this Insight button on the right-hand side under the Insight Stream when you are viewing an Insight.

You should use the fork option when the earlier Insight and the existing ones are on the same topic; doing so will create a stream of Insights on a particular topic and allow the reader to view all the related Insights by using the Insight Stream option on the right-hand side of the reading pane when reading an Insight from the Reading List.

Insight providers may fork their own work, or inject their insight into the Insight Stream by another Insight Provider.

Clients sometimes choose to follow a stream and thus, will receive updates whenever a new Insight has been added to an existing Insight Stream. This will help keep them updated with the latest work around a particular topic.

When you Fork other people’s work, they get extra credit for having their work become part of a longer Insight Stream. The same is the case when someone Forks your Insights.

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