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Where to find your work on Smartkarma

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You can access all your Insights - those you are still working on, those in Peer Review or those you have already published - through the “My Workspace” options on the Dashboard page. Clicking on the relevant icons will display the desired Insights; e.g. clicking on “Drafts” will display those Insights which you have started but haven’t published or put up for Peer Review.

You can also access other Insights (including your own) that have been put in Peer Review by your fellow Insight Providers by clicking on the Ongoing Reviews link.

If you would like to delete a draft insight or your insight in peer review, click on the relevant dial on the Dashboard and hover your mouse over the Insight you would like to delete. Then, click on the Delete (trash can) icon on the right-hand side of your screen.

An Insight cannot be deleted once it has been published.

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