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How you can leverage on the community of Insight Providers

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We at Smartkarma firmly believe that collaboration within our community of Insight Providers will lead to better-quality Insights, and help build build a close knit community.

In keeping with this belief, we encourage our Insight Providers to place their Insight in a 24-hour Peer Review. In the Peer Review process, other Insight Providers will be able to read your Insight and provide constructive feedback on points you may have (gasp!) overlooked or perhaps novel ways of looking at existing scenarios. In addition, they may be able to catch keystroke or formatting errors you may have missed. 

New Insight Providers will have their first three insights go into Peer Review automatically to enable peers to provide feedback before the insight is published.

The Insight is still editable while it is in Peer Review so you can incorporate the suggestions received from your peers or make your own amendments.

The countdown timer to publishing should be visible at the top of the page in the yellow box, showing you the time left till the Insight is automatically published.

Comments Received During Peer Review

Any comments made during the Peer Review process will not be visible once the Insight has been released from Peer Review, or in other words, has been published.

Whether you accept or ignore the comments is entirely up to you, the Insight Provider. If you find a particular comment constructive, you may choose to 'like' it, and doing so will provide a citation credit to the author of the comment.

Citation credits

If you choose to like any of the reviews/comments/assistance you have received during Peer Review, the author of that comment will be given citation credits for helping you with your work. Citation credits will not result in the receiver getting any co-author credits, i.e. they are between you and the receiver and aren’t visible to anyone else, after completion of Peer Review for that Insight.

Citation credits are akin to Thank You notes and we encourage you to use them whenever you find some comments to be helpful. These credits count towards the calculation of work done by an Insight Provider on Smartkarma, and hence, will be beneficial to the recipient/commenter. Awarding citation credits to your peers will encourage them to read your future work and provide you with more useful feedback, resulting in an improvement in your quality as well.

Editing during the Peer Review period

While the Insight is in Peer Review, you will still be able to edit and make changes and will have all the same tools accessible to you as at the time of originally writing the piece.

However, please do note that the Insight will automatically publish once the 24-hours are completed.

Publishing post-Peer Review

An Insight stays in Peer Review for 24-hours, after which it is automatically published on our platform. As an Insight Provider, if you haven’t further edited your Insight, then you are not required to do anything more for publishing the Insight.

Expediting publishing during Peer Review

We do not encourage expediting an Insight that has been put in Peer Review. However, if the circumstances around your Insight have changed, i.e. it is now more time sensitive than you originally thought or it was always time sensitive but you inadvertently chose the Peer Review option, then you can follow the steps outlined below to publish your Insight on an expedited basis.

While in Peer Review mode, choose the “Edit this Insight” option from the top highlight (yellow) bar. Once in Edit mode, click on the “Continue” button in the top right corner and follow the steps till you arrive to Preview mode. While in Preview mode, select the “Publish” option and from there you should be able to publish the Insight after selecting the relevant disclaimers.

Once the Insight has been published, it will no longer be available for Peer Review by other Insight Providers.

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