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Change Your Password
Change Your Password

Learn how to sign in after your magic link expires

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You can watch the video below or read the following article.

When you create your account, Smartkarma sends you a welcome email containing your login details (username and password) and a magic link to directly log you in to your Smartkarma account. This link expires in 24 hours and you will need to use your login details to access your account after that. You can find these details right above the magic link (shown in the picture below).

To log in to your account after your magic link has expired, go to the Smartkarma website and use your username and password. 

To change your password, click on “Settings” at the bottom left of your Smartkarma homepage and then click on “My Profile”. Now click on “Password”. You will need to enter your old password to create a new one. Your old password is the auto-generated password in your welcome email.

Enter your new password, confirm, and save. Done!

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