Smartkarma allows you to send mail to Insight Providers, Institutional Investors, and other users in your Contact List. This is different from private messages, as skMail is sent to the recipients’ email addresses.

There are two ways to send an skMail. The first is by clicking on the “skMail” tab on the left-hand panel.

On the skMail page, click on the “New skMail” tab on the left and you will see a new Untitled mail template pop up on the right column. Create your skMail by filling in the boxes for Title, Subject, Recipients, and Body. You can preview the mail before you save.


  • The Title is only visible to you and not the recipients

  • Recipients include all the members of the selected contact list(s)

  • The Preview is not representative of how the mail will render on the recipients’ webmail platform

You can also insert links, images, and rich text in your skMail.

All skMails are scheduled and not sent out immediately. This is to avoid any accidental sends and ensure that there is enough time to correct any errors which you might find after sending.

The second way to send an skMail is through the Contacts page. When you open any of your Contact Lists, you will see a mail icon on the right-hand side.

Clicking on the skMail icon takes you back to the skMail page and the “Recipients” field is auto-filled with the Contact List you were visiting.

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