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View Insights on Your Company and Sector

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You can see all Insights published about your company by clicking on Insights

This shows you a complete list of Insights on your company and other relevant ones. You will be able to read Insights under the following tabs: Your Company, Global Macro, Your Sector, and Your Peers.

You can share Insights.

To read the full Insight, you just need to click on it. While reading the Insight, you will have the option to view the Insight Provider’s profile or message them using the buttons on the right-hand side. Other options you will see are: commenting/discussing, sharing, bookmarking the Insight, or liking it.

Another way to read Insights on your company is to click on the “Insights” tab right below your company logo/ticker on your Company Dashboard.

This page contains every Insight published about your company, as well as Insights which reference your company. On this page you can also sort the Insights by most recent, most relevant, most viewed, and most discussed about.

Here you will also find the tools to discuss, share, bookmark, and like the Insight.

On every page you view, there is a search bar at the top. Use it to to view Insights on other companies by typing the company name in the box and click on the relevant option presented in the dropdown list.

Once you land on the desired company’s page, click on the “Insights” tab below the company logo and you will be able to read executive summaries of the Insights on the company.

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