Adding peers helps you compare your company’s analytics with theirs and see how your company has been performing vis-a-vis the companies you consider your peers in the industry. This will also surface more relevant Insights to you, depending on your subscription plan.

You can add peers directly from the analytics page by clicking on the “Update the list” option, right next to “Peers” at the top of your page.

Another way to add peers is by clicking on the “Settings” tab. It is the last tab on the left-hand side of your page.

On the Settings page, the second tab on the top is “Peers”. Click on it to view your current and suggested peers. If you don’t see a name there and you would like to add it in, type it in the search box and click on the relevant option to add them as a peer.

You can remove current peers by clicking on the bin icon in front of the peer name.

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