Analytics on Your Overview Page


See how many people are viewing your company’s page on Smartkarma and interacting with the various updates and information on your company. 


See how many publications have been made on your company - Insights, discussions, presentations, reports, filings, etc.  You can increase this by posting more presentations and reports on your company page by using the Promote Your Company features.


See how many investors and analysts are following your company. If there is updated information on your company’s page you are likely to garner more interest and followers. 


See how many contacts (investors, analysts, or others) you have added to your Contact List. 

Share Price, Insights, and Reports Chart 

On your Overview Page you can view your company’s share price data for the last 12 months. By hovering on the chart you can see specific price and volume information for a particular date. 

The share price chart also displays markers on when an Insight was published to allow you to see how the company share price might have moved. Below is the key to the markers:

  • Green- Bullish Insight

  • Red- Bearish Insight

  • Black- External Report

  • Number in circle- Number of insights on that day

By clicking on the marker you can see exactly which Insight it was and which Insight Provider wrote it.

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