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Connecting with Institutional Investors on Smartkarma

To connect with Investors on the Smartkarma platform, click on the Connect tab on the extreme left panel on the overview page. 

You will see institutional investors subscribed to Smartkarma who are open to contact by corporates like you,  and could be relevant to your company.

Investor Targeting 

On the Connect page, right below the search box is the Investor Targeting tab. Click on this to see an exhaustive list of institutional investors.

You can filter them on the basis of location, interest, geography of interest, assets under management, and more.

To add an investor to your contact list, click on the “+” sign in front of their name and a pop-up box will appear.

Add the investor to the contact list of your choice. You can add the investor to one or multiple lists or create a new list altogether. Click “Save”.

You will now be able to see the investor in your contact list.

Alternatively you can click on “Explore More” in the Recommended Investor section to target investors.

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