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Who Are Insight Providers? 

Insight Providers (IPs) are independent research providers, carefully selected by Smartkarma’s Research Team to publish Insights on the Smartkarma platform. They have diverse backgrounds, hailing from a mix of large independent research houses including investment banks, research firms, and financial institutions like BofA Merrill Lynch, HSBC, S&P Global, Citi, CLSA, and more.

They also come from boutique research operations, and are individual analysts, data scientists, consultants, and academics. 

Smartkarma has over 120 Insight Provider firms, who have published more than 25,000 Insights on 3,900 listed companies across all GICS sectors.

How Are They Selected?

Smartkarma has a dedicated Research team that reviews every applicant who wants to be an IP on the platform. A very stringent selection process is set in place to filter the most relevant IPs who are veterans in their field of research. The acceptance rate is less than 10 percent of applications received and most IPs on Smartkarma have 8+ years of experience.

The Research team does not just receive and field applications; it also actively recruits Insight Providers with the same stringent selection process. 

Connecting with Insight Providers on Smartkarma

To connect with Insight Providers on the Smartkarma platform, click on the Connect tab on the extreme left panel on the overview page. 

You will see recommended Insight Providers that are most relevant for your company.

Click on “Explore More” to access the full Directory of Insight Providers. Sort and refine them on the basis of geography, sector, ranking, trends, and more.

Click on the Insight Provider of your interest to:

  • View their profile

  • Message them 

  • Add them to your Contact List.

You will now be able to see the added Insight Provider in your Contact List.

Alternatively, you could also search for the Insight Provider by typing his/her name in the search box and clicking on it. This will directly take you to his/her profile page.

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