Smartkarma invests a significant amount in its Insight Providers, an amount over and above that mandated in our contracts with Insight Providers (IP). Historically, the amount above the mandated QVA payment has been applied as a generalised grant (based on QVA) to all of our IPs. Now that Smartkarma has achieved a critical mass, we are going to alter the way we deal with this extra investment in content.

This change will not alter our commitment to pay you a share of the Monthly Recurring Revenue and does not constitute a change in your terms and conditions.

From October 2018, we will be actively engaging research through our Premium Service framework. The Original research may take a number of forms (written content, webinars, conference calls, etc.) but it will be open to all subscribers to the platform. By actively engaging content, we can use our investment to more effectively grow our client base in new directions, which ultimately rewards the entire Smartkarma Insight Provider base.

We will be working internally and with our clients to identify areas of interest and will then seek Requests for Proposal (RFPs) from our Insight Provider base. The amounts we will be investing in engaging research are not insignificant.

In order to qualify to bid under the new engagement structure, the following conditions need to be met at the firm level:

  1. The bidder must be a member of the Smartkarma platform
  2. The bidder must have written at least 3 Insights in each of the past three months that have met our definition of substantiveness.  Any new IP who has not met this criteria will be required to produce for 3 months before receiving their payment for any successful bid.
  3. The past two months average productivity as measured by Insights published and absolute QVA generated by the IP cannot be below the average level of the IP over the prior 6 months.  (This condition does not apply to new IPs.)

The engagement process reinforces Smartkarma’s continued investment into:

  • Developing content that's far more differentiated for clients,
  • Improving the product for the client;
  • Attracting new clients and developing new client directions;
  • Address content gaps;
  • Further drive home the message that we are an active network working together to meet client needs.

Any content produced as an Original will not be eligible for QVA payments to avoid the issue of ‘double dipping’.

For more information and the list of current RFPs, click here.

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