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The Smartkarma Originals Program

Additional Smartkarma initiatives Insight Providers can participate in to augment payments

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Smartkarma commenced the Originals program in October 2018 with the twin objectives of: 

  • Delivering higher value-add to clients, and 

  • Augmenting Insight Providers payouts

In October 2019, we conducted a one-year review and rolled out an expanded program to: 

  • Simplify the Originals process to ensure quicker turnaround while ensuring the end product is truly Original. 

  • Expand the program to include (a) Smartkarma Roadshows and (b) Smartkarma Rapid Response. 

1. Originals 

Insights on topics chosen by the Smartkarma Research team, and paid for under the Premium Services framework and exclusive to the Smartkarma Research Network. 


Illustrative Monthly Timeline

Smartkarma Originals Terms & Conditions:

Your Smartkarma Originals submission (“Submission”) is subject to the Insight Provider Agreement already in effect between you and Smartakrma, as supplemented by the additional terms set out below (such terms to prevail in the event of any inconsistency). 

  1. You will complete the Submission diligently, professionally and to the best of your knowledge and ability in accordance with the standards expected of a professional research provider.

  2. You are responsible for ensuring your Submission is prepared in accordance with applicabIe law and regulation, and the provisions in your Insight Provider Agreement otherwise apply, including as regards confidentiality, indemnity and liability, together with the applicable certifications required from you prior to publication, in particular in regards to material nonpublic information (MNPI) and any disclosure of a conflict or interest. 

  3. Your Submission must be original and your own work, and any third party content you incorporate must be correctly attributed and authorised for your use. You warrant that the Submission will not infringe, misappropriate or conflict with the intellectual property rights of any third party, and you indemnify Smartkarma in this regard.

  4. Each Submission is a discrete project and while you may apply for further Submissions, Smartakrma makes no warranties nor has any obligation to you to commission further Submissions or pay any other amounts other than the agreed Submission fees.

  5. Unless agreed otherwise, each Submission is for exclusive publication on Smartkarma. You further authorise and license Smartkarma to use the Submission, in whole or part, for marketing, sales or promotional purposes. Example use includes accredited use of quotes or excerpts, or in the case of e-books or special publications, the reproduction of entire Insight. This usage has been taken into account in determining the Submission fees.  

2. Smartkarma Roadshows

This is an opportunity for Smartkarma Insight Providers to be taken on the road to meet with Smartkarma Network Clients and Corporates. 

For avoidance of any doubt, Smartkarma Roadshows is an offline engagement program and is not to be confused with any webinars we host.

3. Smartkarma Rapid Response

The Smartkarma Research Team will call for Rapid Response Insights on selected topics around the clock.

4. Corporate Webinars

This is an opportunity for Smartkarma Insight Providers to host a webinar with a company’s management team, to identify key aspects about their business model, challenges, and opportunities.


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