Correcting Factual Errors on Insights

Insight Corrigenda Policy

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It is to the benefit of both Smartkarma and the Insight Provider community that factual errors are caught. If factual errors drive clients from the platform then we all suffer. Smartkarma does not have the internal resources to catch all errors (or even a significant number of errors). We need to rely upon our Insight Providers to point out errors where they find them. Collaboration is at the heart of the Smartkarma process and we want to encourage our Insight Providers to help each other. Factual errors are rarely made on purpose, therefore notifying an Insight Provider of a factual error is an activity to be encouraged. The process below strengthens the community and will encourage greater care before publishing an insight.

If you identify your own error:

  1. Notify the Smartkarma Research Team at [email protected] with as much detail as possible with wording for a corrigendum.

  2. The Smartkarma team with add the corrigendum to the top of your piece.

If you identify an error in another Insight Provider’s work:

  1. Ensure that it is a factual error that has been identified and be prepared to give some proof of the factual error(s). Differences in analytical opinion are not factual errors. 

  2. Notify the Insight Provider in the Discussion section below the insight, with as much detail as possible - this gives the Insight author the ability to appreciate the help.

  3. If the comment remains unacknowledged, contact the Content team at Smartkarma with as much detail as possible. The team will then contact the author to clarify.

  4. The author will provide wording to the Content team for a corrigendum or reasons why they believe it is not a factual error.

  5. If the author believes it is not a factual error, they should also reply with evidence to the original comment.

What Happens to the Original Form of the Insight?

The original text, charts and images of the Insight will not be altered. All submitted corrigenda will be documented in the highlighted section only.

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