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Insight Provider Payment FAQs

Answers to top questions on Payments asked by Insight Providers

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Payment frequency and remittance advice

  • When are payments made?
    Platform-wide and Insight Provider level QVA Scores are determined at midnight on the last day of every month. Payment amounts are finalised within the first week of the subsequent month, and payments disbursed in the second week of the month.

  • Do I get a payment advice?
    Smartkarma’s remitting banks send out an automated Payment Advice to the email address provided in the Beneficiary Details section of the Insight Provider Agreement as soon as Payments are made.

  • Do I get a breakdown of payment due to each team member?
    Smartkarma does not send a payment breakdown for each member. Team Leaders can view the  QVA Analytics Tool on the platform to determine the individual contributions to aggregate Team QVA. If you are a Team Leader but cannot view team breakdown, please contact your Smartkarma representative to get this fixed. 

  • Can I get a payment advice in a different format?
    Unfortunately, we have to follow remittance bank policy when it comes to payment advice. We cannot change the format. 

  • Can I check my payment History?
    At this point, you can refer to previous Payment Advices to check your History. We will be building a Payment History section on the website soon which will be available to Team Leaders.

  • In what currency are the payments made?
    Payments are made out in USD. 

Payment eligibility

  • I/My team haven't published an Insight this month, am I still eligible for a Payment?
    Unfortunately not. As a reminder, your Monthly Payment = At least 70% * Smartkarma Subscription Revenues * Your QVA 3M Share for every month where you publish at least one Insight.

  • I/My team had a QVA score this month, but no payment?
    This is because you did not publish an Insight in the month. However, Smartkarma continues to compute your QVA, as this might be tied to work you have done in previous months. 

Payment computation

  • How are payments calculated?
    Payments are calculated using the Quantified Value Add (QVA) methodology. This aligns the growth of Smartkarma, and the needs of our collective clients to the engagement around your work. As a reminder, your Monthly Payment = At least 70% * Smartkarma Subscription Revenues * Your QVA 3M Share for every month where you publish at least one Insight.

  • How can I increase what I get paid?
    Smartkarma Insight Providers can increase their monthly payouts by:
    a) increasing your QVA, and QVA share.
    b) writing more relevant Insights, and using the Discovery Tool to see what Clients care about.
    c) helping grow the Smartkarma community via our Referral Program.

  • Are premium services payments included in the monthly payout?
    Yes, Premium Services Payments will be included in your monthly payouts.

  • Are referral payments included in the monthly payout?
    No. Referral payments are ad hoc and contingent on certain conditions being met. They do not match the cadence of our monthly payments. 

A Final Point

The total amount of revenue to be distributed each month is purely based on the total amount of subscription revenue paid by clients. Everything we do at Smartkarma is designed to facilitate the highest quality, most valuable and addictive experience for our collective clients.

Ultimately, it is this that has by far the biggest impact on our individual pay-outs. QVA is simply a mechanism to fairly and meritocratically distribute this revenue.

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