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How to provide feedback to Insight Providers and improve your reading experience

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You will notice a "Thumbs-Up" Icon 👍  at the bottom bar of every Insight on Smartkarma. This is the Insight Appreciate Button and provides a effective mechanism for making your feedback matter. 

When you click on the Insight Appreciate Button, you can provide reasons why you found the Insight helpful. 

  1. This is valuable feedback for our Insight Providers and gives them cues on what to focus on. 

  2. It aids discovery. You will soon be able to find the most Actionable or Differentiated Insights based on user feedback. 

  3. It improves your overall reading experience. Our personalisation algorithms use your feedback to improve your suggested reading and keep you informed of important updates on content you appreciated. 

This also ties in with regulatory requirements such as MiFID II which require the .


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